Community Raising Money for 8 Year Old to Buy Therapy Dog

Olivia Lambert is selling lemonade in Leominster, Mass. to raise money for a special purchase

An 8-year-old girl in Leominster, Massachusetts, has a very special goal.

"My lemonade - if you just want it plain, it's 25 cents, but if you want a cookie with it, it's 50," said Olivia Lambert.

Her front yard has been host to refreshing drinks as she welcomes neighbors and, on Sunday, some special guests.

It was last week that Leominster Police officers noticed Olivia's stand, her great service and heard her story.

"I never understood that symbol of the autism awareness, but it's so true," said her mother, Debra Lambert. "Those puzzle pieces came together, and we could see that this is part of who our child is."

Olivia's parents believe she has some form of autism. Although they are waiting for an official diagnosis, to her family, the behavioral challenges are clear.

Even Olivia understands a piece of that.

"I'm a worry wart, so that's why I want a dog," said Olivia.

And that is her end goal - a therapy dog, to help her cope a little easier.

"When I came by yesterday and heard her whole story, we knew we had to jump in and help do something with her," said Scott LaPrade of Leominster Fire.

The community embrace is pouring in.

"I can't believe how many people I met with this," said Olivia.

And at the end of the day, when the thirst quenched, it's a lesson from an 8 year old on how to turn lemons into lemonades.

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