Confirmed Case of Mumps at Weymouth, Mass. High School

The school says they sent out a health advisory to families Thursday

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health says Weymouth High School is the latest in a series of schools in the region with a confirmed case of the mumps.

"I'm concerned for my health," said sophomore Steve Ryan. "It's a bad disease and stuff, I don't want to get it."

One student contracted the virus. Everyone at the school was notified.

The school and the town's department of health will not release any information about the student affected - including whether or not the teen was vaccinated.

It is possible to contract the virus either way.

"The vaccination does help, but it's 88 percent effective," Dr. Marisela Marreno told necn. "Therefore, there will still be some people that will get the mumps even if they're vaccinated."

At Weymouth High school, many students take part in a program that gives them child care experience through an on-campus day care.

"I don't want the little kids to get sick, because that would be terrible," Ryan said.

Officials say there are no other reports or indications that any other student, staff member or child is infected with mumps at this point.

Just this month, there have been several other cases of mumps reported at area colleges. This week, Boston University reported three cases. All of those infected had been vaccinated.

Harvard University has nine confirmed cases.

UMass Boston has two cases and Bentley University had one case. That student has since recovered.

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