Couple Charged in ‘Horrific' Murder Appear in Court

A couple charged in connection with the murder of a Marshfield, Massachusetts, man appeared in court Tuesday, and authorities say there may be more arrests made in the case.

Robert McKenna, 45, was found dead inside his home last month. Prosecutors described the scene as "horrific," saying that he died of excessive blood loss from stab wounds to his upper arm, hands and head.

Last week, police arrested Michael Moscaritolo and his girlfriend, Lauren Kalil, both residents of Quincy.

Moscaritolo has been charged with murder and burglary and Kalil is accused of hiding evidence that police say would have implicated her boyfriend.  Kalil's bail was set at $50,000; Moscaritolo is being held without bail.

Their arrest follows the arrest of 40-year-old James Ferguson, who was also charged with murder and burglary.

Moscaritolo and Ferguson allegedly stole assault weapons from McKenna's home. Police recovered five guns that were stolen from the home. McKenna owned four of them, including an AR-15 and an AK-47.

"There's been an incredible amount of work that's been done at all levels from all different agencies, from the Marshfield police, the state police, the crime lab," Plymouth D.A. Tim Cruz said.

Prosecutors say Moscaritolo was friends with Ferguson, who was linked to the crime by DNA and blood analysis found on clothes discarded away from the victim's home. Cell phone records and a female witness also provide a link, according to prosecutors.

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