Teens, Off-Duty Firefighters Help Save Local Actor From Drowning

A local actor nearly drowned off the coast of Carson Beach in South Boston Monday afternoon, but he was revived thanks to two teens and several off-duty firefighters on the beach.

According to a Boston Fire Department spokesman, the victim, identified as Sean Malone, is in critical condition at Boston Medical Center.

Sean Malone

Malone, 54, has had roles in several well-known Hollywood films, including "The Fighter" and "Gone Baby Gone."

Necn talked with the teenage boys who helped an off-duty firefighter pull Malone from the water.

Mack Feeney and Joey Binda of Milton, Massachusetts, were in the right place at the right time. The teenagers were boating near the beach when they came to the rescue of a possible drowning victim.

The teens say that they were first alerted of the incident when a man on a paddle board, an off-duty Boston firefighter, waved and got their attention. The firefighter had been watching Malone swim out into the harbor. He saw the man go under.

"We took a look around and we saw him face down, drowning in the water, so we came up and pulled him onto the boat. Started giving him chest compressions," Feeney said. "We brought him into L Street and a couple firefighters came out and helped us get him off the boat."

The boys say they the were relieved to see the man was responding to CPR.

"He was probably purple. And when he went back inside and they started doing chest compressions and then he got the pulse, it looked like he went right back to being tan," Binda explained.

Binda's father says he's proud of the boys' efforts.

"I'm very proud. He's been trained very well in his boating, so he did the right thing," he said.

Malone's family says they're grateful to everyone who helped give him a chance. Firefighters know Malone because his brother, Scott, works for the fire department. They say he's a regular swimmer at this beach.

Several other off-duty firefighters were there and they helped on-duty first responders.

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