Curt Schilling Says He Will Vote for Donald Trump

"I realized very quickly this was a man decisive in action and confident in his ability."

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is endorsing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a blog post published on May 13, Schilling says there area a few reasons why he will vote for Trump, and none of them pertain to him "not wanting to vote for someone else."

The fired ESPN baseball analyst notes that he "trusts" Trump, while adding in that Trump "loves his country" and will "protect my family, and my loved ones."

Schilling notes that while he doesn't agree with Trump on many things, he knows that there never will be a presidential candidate that he agrees with on everything.

Schilling titled his post "Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump."

ESPN fired Schilling last month over his controversial social media posts.

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