Dartmouth Police Troll Man Who Made Offensive Hand Gesture in Front of Cruiser

A Massachusetts police department took a very tongue-in-cheek approach to a photo they recently came across showing a resident disrespecting their department.

The Dartmouth Police Department posted a Facebook response Friday morning to a photo of a man posing in front of one of their cruisers while flashing his middle finger.

The department called out the "GQ wannabe" who they said let them know what he thinks of the police "by showing us that we are '#1' with a very recognizable single digit attached to his right mit."

The author Dartmouth police Facebook post sarcastically wrote that the police department has no problem with people posing next to their cruisers, but did have an issue if the paint was scratched by their "probably bought out of someone's trunk Air Jordans."

It continued to explain that police are not looking for the "nice young man," but want to report him to the fashion police. They wished him well on pursuing his "modeling career."

Some commenters praised the department’s sense of humor, while others questioned the appropriateness of the post.

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