David Ortiz Presented With a Life-Size LEGO Model of Himself

The statue includes more than 34,500 LEGO bricks

LEGO master builders hit a home run Wednesday with the debut of their life-size LEGO statue of Red Sox's Designated Hitter David Ortiz.

Master builders at the Lego Model Shop in Enfield, Connecticut worked brick by brick to match the model to Ortiz's stats. The model ended up measuring 6' 7" in height to the top of his finger, nearing Ortiz's actual height of 6'3."

"The most challenging part of this model was the pose itself," LEGO Master Builder Erik Varszegi said in an interview. "They really wanted that iconic Big Papi hands in the air when he runs around the bases and scores a home."

The LEGO statue weighed in at 170 pounds, slightly under Ortiz's 230 pound build.

The model of Ortiz also featured a Red Sox uniform and batting helmet.

"Just trying to get the clothing to look right was a nice, fun little challenge," Varszegi said. "Not only getting those folds and wrinkles correct but the logos and the numbers on his back."

Ortiz puts in a great deal of hours practicing on the field, and master builders did the same to put the model together for the event. From design to construction, the statue took a total of 290 hours to complete.

Master builders used more LEGO bricks than any child could ever dream of: approximately 34,510.

"His head is a big challenge," said Varszegi. "Normally when wer're designing life-like models, we like to square the head up, but since he's tilted back a little bit, it makes it quite a challenge. It's something that we've never really done before."

The statue was presented to Ortiz and his son, D'Angelo before LEGO Day at Fenway Park, on Aug. 31, in celebration of Ortiz's career and upcoming retirement.

"It's been a lot of fun to try to work out those challenges and really try to capture his essence," Varszegi said.

The model even sports Ortiz's signature sunglasses.

The statue of Ortiz now resides in the Kids Concourse in Fenway Park.

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