Despite Wet Day, Patriots Fans in High Spirits About Game

Tailgating fans got soaked before Thursday night's game, but they enjoyed themselves all the same

The rain cleared out as the New England Patriots versus New York Jets game was underway, but tailgating fans got soaked early; however, they enjoyed themselves all the same.

"We're very excited. This is picnic weather, picnic weather in New England. It doesn't scare us off," said Joe Ganley, of Las Vegas, originally from Weymouth.

Unlike bright-sided Ganley, most of us call this a downpour and less than ideal for a tailgate. But after braving the deluge and the backups to get here, it wasn't going to stop the Gillette Stadium parking lot from turning into tent city.

"This is new, this is because of the weather. We went with a bigger tent. So, the weather's not going to stop us from tailgating," said Brian Ravish, of South Deerfield, Massachusetts.

"Doesn't matter what the weather is, I just want to see a game," said Madison Juilfs.

Fans hope the weather's not going to stop their team from winning, especially against the Jets. And when you weather the rain, sometimes you get a little treat, the pot of gold known as a rainbow and brilliant sunset to go with whatever's coming off the grill.

"Hot dogs, chicken wings, we've got peppers and onions, sweet potatoes, chips, salsa," said Rob Cotoia, of Framingham.

"Pekarski sausage and Pekarski kielbasa. Some hot dogs and hamburgers, some horseradish," Ravish added.

And I've never seen this at a Patriots tailgate, perhaps the quintessential New England fare: a moose burger, medium rare, hot off the grill. 

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