Deval Patrick

Deval Patrick to Launch New Podcast on ‘Being American'

"Being American" is meant to uncover what it means, or ought to mean, to be American

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is launching a new podcast about what it means to be an American.

Leading up to a pivotal Election in November, Patrick, who briefly sought the Democratic nomination for president before dropping out of the race in February, said he will put politics aside as he engages in conversations with actors, artists, activists, celebrities, and more in an effort to explore the country's character.

"In these discordant and divisive times, a lot of us feel like we don't recognize America anymore," Patrick said in a statement. "We come from every place on Earth and every station in life, and yet we openly demean each other if we live or think differently. It isn't clear what unites us, what makes us American."

The podcast, "Being American," which is being launched in partnership with MuddHouse Media, is meant to uncover what being an American is, or should be, in today's world through conversations with people of "uncommon wisdom," according to Patrick.

Deval Patrick recalls how racist words and actions have personally affected him, and he discusses how he feels this time may be different than others.

Topics being discussed will include community building, overcoming the current hostile political environment, social and economic justice, climate change and more.

In season one, "Being American" will feature discussions between Patrick and people like Ice Cube, James Taylor, Mehrsa Baradaran, Charles Booker and Brandon Wolf. Episodes will air twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays, and will be available to stream on all major platforms, beginning Friday.

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