Dog Waste to Be DNA Tested in Community Complex

A residential community in Bridgewater, Massachusetts is reportedly taking matters into its own hands. Fecal matter, that is.

According to The Enterprise, Jessica Connell, Axis at Lakeshore assistant manager, is having dog waste found on the property DNA tested.

The complex's 87 dogs have already been swabbed for DNA, and now any waste left behind will be matched to the culprit. There is a fine of $200 for a first offense, $300 for a second and $500 for a third for the owners.

“We were getting really frustrated with it, the fact that we’d walk out of our door and there was poop everywhere,” first-floor tenant Alishia Sommers told The Enterprise. “I’m glad they finally did something about it.”

Bill Durfee, the co-owner of "Poo Prints," explains why his company was called in to solve the dirty mystery.

"It's in the waste," he said. "You can't hide from that."

Some pet owners at the 289-unit property are not happy with the new policy.

"It wasn't in the lease, so I was a little taken aback at first, but I'm somebody who takes care of my dog," said Linda Clegg.

"I think it's a little bit of a control thing when we really didn't agree to that in the lease," said Natasha Gaudette. "A month ago, we had to swab their mouths. It's a little silly."

But other neighbors say it's the duty of pet owners to pick up after them.

"When they ahve to go, they have to go, and there are accidents," said Tina Carter "But not when it's the same people over and over."

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