‘I'm Kicking Them Down': Donald Trump Signs Destroyed in Northborough, Massachusetts

Each campaign season, police in Northborough, Massachusetts, say, they deal with stolen or vandalized lawn signs. But it's rare that they catch the person responsible, and even more rare to get such passionate responses from both sides.

"I've had four or five taken out of my front yard," Jeff Antone told necn.

Antone says he's out a couple hundred dollars and a lot of patience after another of his Trump signs was tossed into the street this week.

This time, he caught the teen responsible.

"They chased me down after I broke the sign," said Jonathan Pinho.

He told police he was responsible, and he explained to necn that he would do it again.

"I see Trump signs, I'm kicking them down," he said.

Pinho told necn he isn't concerned about the consequences because of how strongly he feels about Trump's comments on immigration.

Pinho said his family immigrated to the U.S. from Brazil.

"I went through a lot to come here, and so did my family," he said. "We got here last year and we pay our taxes, we do everything right, and then to have some Trump supporters calling us [expletive] and that we are rats and need to leave the country."

Antone says he has little sympathy.

"People think that words are going to hurt them," the Trump supporter said. "Words are not going to hurt them. You have to learn you have to get thicker skin."

Antone likened this situation to unrest by protesters at Trump rallies.

"Nowadays, we just want to disrupt things, and that doesn't get things done," Antone said.

"They're racist," countered Pinho. "I don't support that, that's the exact opposite of America to me."

Antone declined to press charges against Pinho.

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