Only on necn: Door of MBTA Train Closes on Woman's Arm

The rider posted on Twitter Thursday morning

An MBTA rider posted a photo on Twitter explaining that the door of an MBTA train closed on her arm.

Rachel Chernick posted the photo and said the driver of the train closed the door on her arm.

"It felt like just a really sudden, quick, sharp pain," Chernick told necn in an exclusive interview.

Chernick tried to exit the trolley on the C branch of the MBTA Green Line at the Tappan Street station in Brookline, Massachusetts, when she was bruised by the door.

"The door did completely shut and reopen," she said.

An MBTA spokesperson says the agency is investigating, but officials would not speak on camera.

"The trolley operator told his supervisor he has no knowledge of the incident reported by the customer," the MBTA said in a statement.

A couple weeks ago, a conductor was put on leave after 8-year-old Faith Felt got her hand trapped in the door of a trolley at the Harvard Avenue station in Boston's Allston neighborhood. She's recovering at home with her grandmother, Marthe Charles.

"It's not broken, but it's torn ligaments," said Felt.

Felt and her grandmother say the MBTA has not contacted them to follow up on her condition.

"They just don't get it," Charles said.

The MBTA said there is a safety mechanism in place that automatically triggers and opens the doors if someone is caught. But Chernick hopes conductors take even more precautions.

"I get that they need to keep the trains running on time, but really, we're talking about a matter of seconds," she said. "It's just not really that hard to be mindful. "

Other riders posted their stories on Twitter.

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