Downed Hot Air Balloon Creates Unusual Sight in Andover, Mass.

The pilot decided to make the unexpected landing after encountering wind

Commuters in Andover, Massachusetts, caught a glimpse of a curious sight Monday morning when a deflated hot air balloon landed on the side of a highway.

A witness said the silver hot air balloon was blocking an exit ramp leading from Route 125 to Route 28 at about 7 a.m.   

According to Andover police, the pilot was attempting to land after experiencing wind.

The hot air balloon, a part of New Horizon, an art event curated by Doug Aitken, had taken flight from The Steven-Coolidge Place in nearby North Andover for an untethered flight with some journalists, according to representatives from the company.

The balloon flew for almost an hour before the pilot sought an open space to land.

"The pilot safely landed on this space successfully, followed by a crew which was following the balloon in preparation for a landing and deflation. The truck parked beside the balloon while the pilot and passengers quickly helped to deflate and pack up the balloon for transport," read a statement from The Trustees, the company representing New Horizon.

No injuries were reported.

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