Drought Brings Strict Water Restrictions to Scituate, Other Massachusetts Communities

Like many communities across Massachusetts, the coastal town of Scituate is dealing with extremely dry conditions.

"You can tell that they're just wilting," resident Valeri Williams said about her plants. "They're usually so healthy looking."

Most residents received phone calls on Friday from the town alerting them of a new outdoor water ban as the water level in the town's reservoir continues to drop.

Right now, it's just 28 percent full because of the lack of rainfall.

The ban means no handheld hoses can be used to water lawns, fill pools or wash cars or boats.

"So we need Mother Nature to give us a little hand here so we can water the grass and have it green again," said Williams.

Town officials say there is just a 30-to-45-day supply of water left unless there's substantial rainfall.

"I did receive the call that the water ban is in effect," said Lori Cook. "A little bummed that we can't take care of our lawn."

The town is asking residents to be conservative with their water use.

Violations will result in fines.

"It's unpleasant, but what are you going to do?" asked Jennifer Rohnstock. "You have to do it, we need water for drinking and bathing. I can let my gardens go a little bit, but it does make me sad. Everything's very crispy."

The only watering allowed outside is before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m., and only with a watering can for flowers, shrubs and vegetable gardens.

"And hopefully everybody does do that, because we all kind of need to stick together and get through this," said Williams.

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