Duxbury Neighborhoods Still Flooded

Some Duxbury homeowners who've been unable to return to their homes for days are frustrated at the pace it's taking to pump the water out following last weeks Nor'easter.

Joseph Soares is among those who've been prevented from driving home due to the flooding. "I'm totally upset right now. It just seems like it's totally irresponsible," he said.

"We want to get back to our lives. Back to normal. Although I appreciate it, they started [pumping] at close to ten o' clock this morning and now here we are, it's going on 4:30p.m. and they're like, bankers hours. They took off like this doesn't matter."

Duxbury town administrator Rene Read says they've brought in a pump that removes 1,600 gallons per minute a day early to try and expedite the process. "It's been working all night, all day yesterday, all day again. We'll drain it until its dry."

Duxbury officials will hold their annual town meeting Saturday morning.

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