Karla Rendon-Alvarez

Apartment Evacuated After Buckets of Feces, Urine Found Inside

An East Boston apartment was declared unfit for human habitation, Tuesday, after inspectors found buckets filled with feces and urine as well as severe clutter inside.

One woman was taken out in a stretcher, and at least two other tenants were evacuated from the building on Chelsea Street after police responded to the apartment with a hazmat crew.

According to a order a violation notice order issued by the city, inspectors found "buckets filled with feces/ urine" and an "obnoxious sickening feces odor" in the basement and first floor unit of the building. Inspectors also found "severe clutter throughout the apartment."

Inspectors were called to the building after receiving a referral from the Fire Department.

The basement and first floor unit were declared unfit for humans to live in.

The Environmental Health Office ordered the landlord to hire a professional cleaning company to clean the unit before it is lived in again.

The two tenants on the second and third floor, who were eventually allowed to go back inside their apartments, told NBC10 Boston that the woman who lives on the first floor may suffer from mental illness.

"A lot of sympathy for her. I hope she gets the help she needs," said one tenant.

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