Elderly Woman Locked Inside Massachusetts Dialysis Clinic After Hours

86-year-old woman was left at a Methuen clinic

The family of an elderly woman is searching for answers after their loved one was apparently left at a Methuen, Massachusetts, dialysis clinic on Saturday night.

After getting the call that 86-year-old Maureen Perry never made it back to the rehab facility she lives in, her family says they rushed to the Fresenius Dialysis Center.

"We were really concerned, 'how is she not back yet,' usually her dialysis ends after 4 hours and it's 7 hours later," granddaughter Erica Crosby said.

Once the family arrived to the clinic, they took video and a picture of Perry trapped and alone in the room she was left in.

"Once she realized she was alone, she got really really scared and she didn't know how long she was going to be there for," said Crosby. "She said she screamed out and said, 'is anyone here, am I alone,' and crickets."

The family called 911 and the Methuen Fire Department arrived to help.

"She looked at my mom and I and she said, 'I knew you guys would find me, I love you,'" Crosby said. "I cried. It's just horrible. No one wants to see anyone go through that, never mind someone elderly and already weak."

Perry was then transported back to her rehab facility where her dialysis doctor later checked on her.

Jon Stone, company spokesperson for Fresenius Medical Care, released a statement on Sunday afternoon:

"Our patients' care and safety are our top priorities. This is an issue of great concern and we are looking into the matter," Stone said.

The family says they aren't sure if Perry will continue to go to the Methuen clinic.

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