Escaped Goat Captured Ahead of Blizzard

After spending a full month outwitting authorities across the northern part of Massachusetts, an escaped goat is no longer on the lam.

Crews captured the animal, Lowell Police announced Monday morning, a month to the day after he went missing from Tewksbury.

The development couldn't have come at a better time, with a major blizzard expected to drop up to three feet of snow on much of New England by Wednesday.

The goat's evasiveness inspired a Twitter handle, run by a user professing to be the animal himself. Massachusetts State Police shared a photo of a trooper and Animal Rescue League members after the goat had been trapped in Westford.

According to police, the goat had been grazing in the area around I-495 during the weeks following his escape.

Officials have not yet said what would happen to the animal.

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