Extreme Cold Covers New England

Imagine visiting Boston, and by chance, you get the coldest weekend of the year. That's what happened to many people necn spoke with on Boylston Street Saturday night.

The air in New England will be frigid Saturday night into Sunday morning. One brother and sister from Australia had to go shopping to buy warm clothes.

"Thermals and extra pairs of gloves and anything else that was going to cover every surface that would have been exposed to the cold," listed Jessie Chen of Sydney.

Some other people were visiting their son who goes to school here.

"It's freezing, and we just came from San Francisco, where it's nice and warm," said his mother.

"I can't even feel it," Richard Delafuente of San Diego said of his nose.

In these low temperatures, it only takes about 10 minutes for frostbite to set in - so that's why it's so important to cover up or stay inside.

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