Fall River Firefighter Accused of Making 15 False Fire Calls

fall river fire department

A Fall River, Massachusetts firefighter is reportedly being charged after allegedly making 15 fake fire calls.

WJAR reports Kyle Cusick was placed on paid leave while police investigate his alleged phony calls. Fall River firefighters noticed a pattern in numerous false alarm calls and traced them to Cusick’s phone.

"No matter what the reason is, it’s inexcusable," Fall River Fire Chief Lynch told WJAR. "If it comes out to be true that he did this and he did it himself, there’s going to be some dire consequences."

Lynch is now looking to fire the suspect, who reportedly has been difficult to track down. Officials have not been able to notify Cusick of a disciplinary hearing and say he was at neither of the two addresses he had given them.

Authorities did not say why Cusick allegedly made the false reports. If convicted, the suspect could face up to a year in prison and could pay fines.

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