Family of DJ Henry Speaks Out After Accepting $6M Settlement

His mother Angella Henry told necn that they want justice, not money.

The family of a 20-year-old Pace University football player shot and killed by police while leaving a bar in 2010 isn't rejoicing after accepting a $6 million settlement over the death of their son.

"This was not a day of celebration for our family in any way because it really diminishes the value of our son's life, you can't put a number on it," Angella Henry, of Easton, Massachusetts, told necn, saying the family wants justice, not money.

Danroy "DJ" Henry was shot and killed by police while living a bar in the village of Pleasantville, New York, in October 2010. Federal prosecutors said a police officer told Henry to stop his car, then stepped in front of the vehicle.

According to prosecutors, Henry braked, but hit the officer, sending him onto the hood of his car. The officer, Aaron Hess, fired into the vehicle, shooting and killing Henry. Hess was cleared by a grand jury.

"There's no amount of money that would make this right for us. What we really wanted was some sort of indictment," said Angella Henry.

Prosecutors cited several reasons for declining to indict Hess, including that officers legally have some latitude in judgment in dangerous situations.

Angella Henry said the settlement isn't the result her family wanted, but it was their only legal choice.

"This is all we had; this was our only recourse," explained Henry.

There is still a pending lawsuit against the town of Mount Pleasant, New York, and three of its officers. The suit alleges that after the shooting, officers did not do enough to try to save the 20-year-old's life.

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