Family Pushes for Change After 4th Work Crew Hit in 10 Days

A police captain in Revere, Massachusetts, is recovering after police say he was hit while working a detail in Saugus. His cruiser was totaled and the driver who police say hit him was charged, but it marks the fourth Massachusetts work crew struck by an alleged drunk driver in less than two weeks.

It is a number the O'Day family finds disturbing, especially after they lost their loved one last week. Thomas O'Day was hit and killed while working at a construction site on I-93 in Medford by a driver who police say was drunk.

"It happened again and I said you have got to be kidding me. It has got to come to a stop," Tom O'Day, the victim's father, said.

While no worker has been killed since O’Day was hit, his father does not want to see another family go through the same heartbreak. In order to prevent it, he says more needs to be done to make the sites safer.

"I do believe they need more protection out there for the highway workers and for the police," O'Day said. "Because how many people have been killed on the highway like this? How many people in the future are going to get killed like this? It's going to happen."

Police say traffic cones, flashing lights and a detail was all present in Saugus Wednesday night, but the driver ignored all of the warning signs. Some question if the signs are enough to keep it from happening again. Transportation officials say they plan on discussing the incidents and other work zone issues over the next few weeks.

In a statement, MassDOT said in part, "Impaired drivers are a menace on our roads whether there is a work zone place whether there is a work zone in place or not. We ask the public not to drink and drive."

Even O'Day admits it is tough to protect workers against alleged drunk drivers. It is why his family is also pushing for harsher penalties when it comes to those charged with operating under the influence.

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