Farm Stands Burglarized in Massachusetts

Fall is one of the busiest times of year for local farm stands, and just this weekend alone, two stands were burglarized in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Necn has also confirmed at least two more recent farm stand burglaries in Westford, one in Harvard, and another in Stow.

Bob Ordung of Lancaster Gardens says a burglar broke in early Monday morning, through the plastic walls of his store.

"Whoever it is came through the wall, you can see the plastic is ripped there... Out behind here is another layer of rigid plastic. He just pulled that, just ripped it off the walls," said Ordung.

Keith Kopley, of Kalon Farm in Lancaster, was also hit.

Kopley says he never leaves cash behind, so the thrives only got away with change, a frozen organic grass-fed leg of lamb valued at 100 dollars, and some pepper sauce, but police estimate the damages to the shop at three grand.

At Lancaster Gardens, they also don't keep cash in the drawer at night.

The thieves only got a few dollars in spare change.

"Looking for money for drugs that's kind of what police think, said Ordung, Whoever it is is hitting up a lot of places."

Lancaster Police believe the suspects were driving in a white van and hope to release surveillance of that van Tuesday.

It's unknown if the same set of people are responsible for the burglaries.  

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