Father-Son Oil Delivery Duo

The snow seems to be making everyone's jobs a lot tougher lately, but imagine trying to deliver oil through the snow and ice. It's not easy.

"It's been a long winter so far," said Bob Starr, who has been delivering oil with Devaney Energy for decades.

This is the worst winter he's ever witnessed.

"The Blizzard of '78 all came at once," he said. "This has been coming on top of storm after storm."

All that snow has made roads more narrow, making driving his beast of truck a challenge. And once it's parked, the hose has to get to the fill tank.

"The further away I get from the truck, the heavier that hose gets," said Bob Starr. "I'm not getting any younger, so I'm starting to feel it."

And that's why his son, Peter, has been helping him out this winter.

"I wasn't expecting to have this much snow, and it really makes the job a little bit harder," he said. "But I'm always happy to help out the old man."

When there is a clear path to the fill, Peter Starr says the job isn't that bad. But sometimes he has to scale snow banks and trudge through waist-deep snow just to get to the point of delivery.

"At least by beach season, I won't have to shed any extra pounds, I suppose," said Peter Starr.

"If you're going to clear your walkway, and you're going to clear your driveway, clear a path for the oil man," said Bob Starr. "We've got to get in, and the more help we can get, the better likelihood we're going to be able to get by and get your oil in your tank."

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