Fire at Gas Station Caused by Confused Driver Who Backed Into Pump: Fire Officials

A 57-year-old driver reversed and hit a gas pump at a station in Brockton, Massachusetts, causing a fire

A gas pump burst into flames after a confused driver crashed into it late Wednesday night, causing the entire gas station to close.

Police in Brockton, Massachusetts said they received a call just before midnight of an incident at the A.L. Prime Gas Station on North Montello Street. At the scene, a small fire was burning.

Surveillance footage at the station shows a 2005 Subaru Impreza pull into one of the pumps and backing into one, causing an immediate fire. The vehicle pulled forward to escape the flames.

The driver, who was only identified as a 57-year-old Brockton man, parked across the street from the scene and called 911, according to police. He remained at the scene as authorities arrived and cooperated with the investigation.

The driver told authorities he backed up his vehicle to get a closer look at the gas pump but lost control of his car when he reversed, police said.

Firefighters say the driver was confused as to where the gas tank was on his car.

The tank itself did not catch fire, but residue gas on the pump is what burst into flames, according to the Brockton Fire Department.

The driver and one person inside the gas station at the time of the incident were unharmed.

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