Firefighter Accused of Raping 9-Year-Old Child 25 Years Ago Faces Judge

Maynard Police say 59-year-old James MacGillivary was arrested at his home Thursday

A Massachusetts firefighter accused of raping a child more than two decades ago was in court Friday morning.

Fifty-nine-year-old James MacGillivary of Maynard pleaded not guilty to the charge of raping a child with force Friday morning after being placed under arrest at his home the evening before.

In court, the assistant district attorney said the victim is now an adult, but was only 9 years old at the time of the assault in 1991.

Court papers indicated the alleged victim was staying at the defendant's home when the sexual assault took place. The alleged victim says he was sleeping and woke up to find MacGillivary touching him.

In court, the ADA indicated that the parents of the alleged victim knew what happened, but did not come forward, along with MacGillivary's ex-wife as well.

MacGillivary has been a Maynard firefighter for nearly 30 years, since 1986.

He was placed on leave Feb. 5 after the allegations were initially made against him, when the police department opened an investigation.

His job is also on the line. MacGillivary will have a termination hearing from the fire department on March 5.

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