1st Recreational Marijuana Shop in Worcester, Massachusetts Opens

Residents and visitors in Worcester, Massachusetts will now be able to buy recreational marijuana following the opening of the city's first legal pot shop.

Good Chemistry is open for business as of Wednesday as the city's first recreational weed dispensary. It originally opened as a medical marijuana shop in August but will now be allowed to sell products to those without a medical marijuana card.

Customers interested in purchasing products from the dispensary are required to make an appointment online for at least the first week of the opening, according to Good Chemistry. The pot shop is trying to avoid an influx of traffic and patrons after Leicester and Northampton's experience in being the first two legal pot shops to open in the state.

Those interested in purchasing products at Good Chemistry must be at least 21 years old and present a valid ID.

Recreational marijuana sales first rolled out in November of 2018, two years after it was approved by vote.

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