Five Arrested, 900 Heroin Bags Seized in Raid

Suspects face range of charges including drug trafficking

Five people were arrested overnight Friday when police raided two homes in Springfield and Holyoke, Massachusetts, and seized more than 900 bags of heroin and more than a dozen shotgun shells.

The suspects face a range of charges including drug trafficking and assault and battery on a police officer, according to the Springfield Police Department facebook page.

Police said those arrested include: Wanda Santana, 39, Luciano Santana, 21, and Natasha Perez, 19, all of 40 Parkwood St., Springfield; and Jose Cruz, 40, and Jeanette Colon, 31, both of 445 Tokeneke Road, Holyoke.

Springfield and Holyoke police cooperated in the investigation and arrests. 

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