Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld Explains Endorsement of John Kasich

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is putting a lot of effort into Massachusetts before Super Tuesday, where he picked up a big endorsement from former Gov. William Weld.

Wednesday, Weld told necn what appeals to him about Kasich and what he thinks of the front-runner in the state, Donald Trump.

"This is a guy who really could start Monday as president of the United States without a learning curve," Weld said. "He was the chairman of the budget committee because he was known as such a budgetary wizard. And he's got a tremendous national security record because he was on Armed Services for 18 years."

Weld, who said he has known Kasich for a long time and worked closely with him in the 1990s, said he could do well in the Bay State.

"I think he could win it, yeah. It'll take a little movement," he said.

Weld rejects the call by some Republicans for Kasich to get out of the race in an attempt to consolidate the anti-Trump vote.

So what does the former governor think of Trump?

"He's pretty entertaining. I've known him a reasonably well socially in New York," Weld said, adding that it was "too soon to tell" whether he would be a disaster as president.

Many establishment Republicans point to Trump's divisive, sometimes profane language and so-called bully tactics on the campaign trail as reasons why Trump should not be the party nominee.

"I do think he's got plenty of gravitas, but there may be a question about 'dignitas,'" Weld said, affirming that he's not dramatically opposed to Trump. "I think things are settling down. And we're going to have to see. I mean, I'm with Kasich."

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