Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown Talks Donald Trump

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown said he would be honored to serve as Donald Trump's vice president, but he doesn't think that's very likely.

He thinks South Dakota Sen. John Thune would make a great vice president for Trump, but Thune hasn't been showing up on the short lists of possible candidates.

Brown has, and he is not shy about saying why.

"Well, I was there for years, obviously I know everybody. I bring more of a moderate position on issues and the ability to find solutions, having been the most bipartisan senator, that has value."

Brown has been in close contact with the Trump campaign ever since he hosted Trump at a January rally in New Hampshire, and then became the first U.S. senator - past or present - to publicly endorse Trump.

Asked if he could share a bit about how he's been helping the Trump campaign, Brown said, "Well, having run 19 races, I have the ability to comment on, you know, the pit falls. Some of them are very easy, like the Chris Matthews interview. That was an easy question..."

Trump told Matthews in a March interview that he believes women should be punished for having an abortion.

"I will pro-actively send them or call him, tell him, 'Listen, this is what's going to happen,'" Brown said. "'This is how I suggest you respond.'"

Trump may have been looking for advice this weekend following a long New York Times article about his treatment of women over the years. including "unwelcome advances and unsettling work place conduct."

Brown defended Trump against those accusations.

"A lot of what I'm reading pales in comparison to what Bill Clinton did," he said. "So, when you take someone who was never a politician and you take isolated incidents like that...

"I don't have a lot of faith in the New York Times. First of all, I thought it was a hatchet job. I've been inside his business many, many times, been in the Trump Towers, been in the offices, and many of the women are in high level, hard-charging positions, so that's also a reflection on how he views women in my mind."

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