Framingham State University Student Tests Positive For Mumps

Student was housed in isolation for 5 days as a precaution

A student at Framingham State University in Framingham, Massachusetts, has tested positive for mumps, according to university officials.

Officials at the university said they were notified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health after the student was tested for the disease. As a precaution, the student was housed in an isolation room on campus immediately after being seen in the campus Health Center.

"The student has remained in isolation for 5 days in adherence with the Department of Public Health guidelines," university officials said in a statement.

The student, who has not been identified, was immunized with two doses of MMR vaccine which are 88 percent effective in preventing mumps according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Although rare, someone can still can get the disease if they have been in very close contact with someone who is infected.

University officials are urging students who have had symptoms of jaw swelling, fever, headache, stiff neck or loss of appetite to notify the health center or their doctor as soon as possible.

"We are checking the immunization records of all roommates and students in the affected student’s classes to make sure they have submitted documentation of the required immunizations and will be contacting those who have not," school officials said.

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