Freedom Trail Honors Black History in Boston

There is a great deal of black history in the area of Boston Common, our nation's oldest park

For a history buff, strolling through the Boston Common can be a very interesting trip.

It's our nation's oldest park, and the area is surrounded by memories of our nation's past, including a great deal of black history. 

Freedom Trail Foundation Tour Guide Kathryn Woods spends her days retelling our nation's history from the American Revolutionary War. 

“This colony didn't have enough white men, so they had to let us in. And they let us in, we fought in the war and we did very well. And I should tell people, a lot of people don't know, black men fought on the colony's side and they fought on the British side,” she said. 

“This is the first time in art history, American art history, that black men are portrayed with sympathy,” she added. 

Monuments on the Freedom Trail honor the 54th regiment, the first all-black regiment to fight in the Civil War, all trained in Boston. 

Click the link for more information on the Freedom Trail. 

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