French Terror Victims Mourned at Boston Rally

A peaceful protest on the Boston Common supported those killed in the attacks that paralyzed Paris last week.

A song was sung in French by those in Boston mourning the 17 lives lost during the terror attacks that paralyzed Paris.

"This is to pay tribute to those victims, first, and also to honor and to stand for the values for which they were killed," said Freien Fieschi.

The tragedy hit home for some of those at the peaceful protest, including foreign exchange student Ilona Troute, from Paris.

"My familiy is there. It's really hard not to be with them today. But it's important to show that we're all united - all French people, wherever we are," she said. "It's amazing to have the support of the Bostonian community."

People from different religious backgrounds and nationalities could be seen waving their French flags and carrying signs reading, "I am Charlie." Bostonians showed their support, including Boston Marathon bombing hero Carlos Arredando.

"It's important to come out and participate, let them know we stand together on this," said Arredondo.

"We how to show that we are stronger, that we're not afraid, that we are going to fight back together, as a nation, as a people," said Troute.

Those who came out hope that one day, there will be no need for a rally like this.

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