Fundraiser Held for Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy's Family

A fundraiser was held Saturday for the family of Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy, who was killed last week in a car crash.

The Clardy family was not at the event, but many people came to support them.

When Rick Rodgers heard about the death of Clardy, he was devastated that a member of his community had died. When he heard that the trooper was a father of seven, he knew he had to help.

"I just started thinking, 'what can I do to help this family out?'" said Rodgers.

His longtime friend, Lee Theise, owns the Roller Kingdom in Hudson. Saturday, they donated the admission fees to the Clardy family.

"Any policeman who gets hurt at all, I feel like an arrow went my heart - not an arrow, a sword - that's how deeply it hurts," said Theise. "And I think everyone feels the same way."

"Hudson's a very small town and we all stick together," said Rodgers. "When this happened like, it definitely went, like Lee said, right to the heart."

"It's the least we can do for Thomas Clardy," said the trooper's friend, Dale Dennis, who brought his daughter to the fundraiser. "As a community, it's great to see everybody here."

"It's important to show that we do support law enforcement," said Keith Williams.

This fundraiser was also a great way for families to have fun.

Overall, they said they raised about $1,500 - all of which will go right to the Clardy family.

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