Gloucester, Mass. Police Chief in D.C. to Share Controversial Plan to Fight Drug Abuse

The Gloucester, Massachusetts, police chief traveled to Washington Tuesday to lobby lawmakers to get behind a new and controversial plan to fight drug abuse and addiction.

Under the plan, addicts will not be arrested if they bring their drugs or drug paraphernalia to the police station.

Instead, authorities will give them help and treatment.

Chief Leonard Campanello met with senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey Tuesday as well as Congressman Seth Moulton.

Campanello wants the federal government to give more money to local communities to help with recovery and prevention.

"If we get no further than raising awareness that addiction is a disease and not a crime, then we have succeeded. And I welcome lawmakers' input and actions to take this argument further," Chief Campanello said.

Fifty people have already volunteered for the program in Gloucester. 

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