Goatscaping: Animals Clear Park of Poison Ivy in Georgetown, Massachusetts

Some goats in Georgetown, Massachusetts, have three jobs — eat, sleep and repeat.

Their Shepard, Jaime Genest, takes care of 50 of these guys — and another 50 sheep. The animals seem to always have an appetite, which makes hiring them to eat up vegetation a win-win.

"There's a lot of grass in the area people want eaten up, and I throw in a few sheep," Genest said. "Goats like to eat more brush ... They all like to eat poison ivy, but the goats like the brush."

Recently, Danvers officials hired Goats To Go to help make room for a dog park. Just last week, it was consumed with poison ivy, but the goats took care of it.

Genest says the poison ivy does not affect the animals.

"Not at all," he said. "Like you eating a chocolate candy bar, they eat poison ivy."

The town paid about $500 dollars. The goats and sheep had the area cleared of the plant within two days, creating some major goatscaping.

"Bam, they get right into it," Genest said. "And 99 percent of the time, they just go right for the trees with all the poison ivy crawling up."

Eating grass is not their only occupation. They're also available for parties and different events.

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