Gov. Charlie Baker Makes Friendly Wager on Pats Game with Indiana Governor

If the Patriots lose, he'll send Indiana Gov. Mike Pence a Super Bowl-themed cake and some Boston Cream Pie cupcakes

Telemundo Boston

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence have made a friendly wager on this weekend's AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts.

"In the unlikely scenario that the Indianapolis Colts win," Baker announced in a press release, he will send Pence a Super Bowl-themed cake from Montilio's Baking Company in Brockton and a box of Boston Cream Pie cupcakes from the Koffee Kup Bakery in Springfield. Baker previously wagered cupcakes from the Koffee Cup with Maryland Gov. Lary Hogan ahead of last week's Patriots-Ravens game.

If the Patriots win the game, Pence will send shredded pork from Shoup's Country Foods in Frankfort, Indiana, to Baker's office. Additionally, the governor's office of the winning team will receive local food donations from the losing team's state for a food pantry of their choice.

The two Republican governors agreed to the friendly wager Thursday on Twitter.

"The Colts are a great team but will discover they are no match for the Patriots in the hunt for the AFC title," Baker said on Friday. "Therefore my friend Governor Pence shouldn't count on seeing any Boston Cream Pie cupcakes from me."

The Patriots play the Colts at 6:40 p.m. Sunday.

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