Gov. Patrick: Menino “Helped Boston Be Strong”

At Tom Menino's funeral mass, the governor of Massachusetts shared some memories of Boston's longest-serving mayor.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick shared some memories of Boston's longest-serving mayor as friends, family and colleagues gathered to mourn the loss of Tom Menino.

"It hardly surprises me that half the city's residents have met him. What surprises me is that it was only half," quipped Patrick. "About his infamous mumbling - you always knew what he meant, and more importantly, that he meant what he said."

As an example of Menino's service and love for his city, Patrick referred to Menino's response to the terrorist attack at last year's Boston Marathon.

"He never missed a marathon, but his doctors told him he would have to miss this one," said Patrick. "But he checked himself out of the hospital to be present with us and for us, and that show of strength and resolve helped Boston be strong again."

Patrick led the Bay State for the last seven of Menino's 20 years in office.

"Tom Menino, thank you for being my friend," said the governor. "For making time for the meek as well as the mighty."

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