Great White Shark Spotted Chasing Seal Off Cape Cod in Massachusetts

Spoiler alert: The seal got away

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy captured some amazing aerial photos of a great white shark chasing a seal off the coast of Cape Cod on Wednesday.

The chase occurred close to shore on the north side of the Nauset Inlet and was captured by spotter pilot Wayne Davis.

Though the photos show that the shark got quite close, the seal did get away, according to Davis.

"The seal escaped, only because the water became too shallow for the shark to swim, so it made an abrupt U-turn, and swam offshore," Davis said on Facebook. "The seal was within inches of being brunch. It was a large shark, & it made a huge amount of white water!!!!"

The great white is just one of several that have been spotted off the Cape in recent weeks.

An orca - better known as a killer whale - was also seen off the coast of Chatham on Monday.

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