Messages of Hate Printed at New England Schools

On college campuses across the country, networked printers have been taken over by hackers using them to send hateful messages.

Thursday, Boston's Northeastern University became the latest target.

"It's frustrating that at a pretty progressive school that something like that would happen and I hope it wasn't one of the students," said Northeastern student Adrian Amaya.

A spokesperson with the school told necn the flyers were the same as those found at UMass Amherst.

Those were attributed to a known national hate group, not anyone on campus.

The flyers were described as racist and anti-Semetic.

Both schools resolved the problem quickly, but for security reasons, they won't reveal how the hackers got in.

"As a campus community, we condemn this cowardly and hateful act," UMass Amherst said in a statement. "This despicable incident reminds us that we must not be complacent as we continue to strive for a society that embraces diversity, inclusion and equity – a society where everyone feels safe and welcome."

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