Happy Hour Could be Returning to Massachusetts

Banned since 1984, momentum is building to bring back happy hour

There is a movement afoot to bring happy hour back to Massachusetts.

A petition circulated by Cheers, a Boston based social app, has gained interest in the week since it was launched. Over 8,000 people have signed the online petition.

Cheers founder Sam Davidson said he and a few friends decided to start the petition after other friends who had left Boston and moved to cities where there were happy hours, told him what a great opportunity it was for them to meet other young working professionals and socialize.

Davidson told necn he thought happy hour could, "restore Boston's image as a fun city to be in."

The plan is to present the idea to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and the Boston Late Night Task Force once they reach around 10,000 signatures.

A few organizations including Spark, a council of millennials Mayor Walsh put together to better connect with youth in the city, have shown their support for the petition.

Happy hour has been banned in Massachusetts since 1984.

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