Harpoon Acquires Ipswich-Based Clown Shoes Beer

Massachusetts-based Clown Shows Beer has been acquired by Harpoon, a move that both sides says is a great step forward for the business, which is promising to maintain its identity and quality.

Gregg Berman, founder and CEO of Clown Shoes in Ipswich, said in a statement on the website that the business is "not 'selling out.'"

"We will still produce innovative, high quality beers with signature graphic marketing," said Berman.  "We will, in fact, create small batch, state specific, and barrel aged beers at an accelerated rate in 2018." 

Harpoon, based out of Boston, said the move will allow the Clown Shoes employees to make more beers while remaining an employee-owned company. 

"Clown Shoes is bringing with them the ability to make some smaller batch beers on our system…so we expect some great things in 2018," said a statement on Harpoon’s website. 

Clown Shoes, established in 2009, has released more than 100 different beers and has shipped to 28 different states. 

Berman said what will ultimately change is the naming of beers, branding and distribution strategies, but insists the brewery will deliver quality product. 

"Harpoonized? Sure, if we get to be part of an independent, employee owned company, sign us up," said Berman. "But we are still going to be Clown Shoes and Harpoon is still going to be Harpoon. Now we get to have fun playing in the same sandbox for years to come." 

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