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Attorney General Healey Responds to ‘Deceptive Sales Tactics’ From Certain Electric Companies


Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced Thursday she's working to enact legislative change that aims to protect residents from overpaying for electricity in a response to complaints against certain electric companies.

After investigating competitive electric suppliers for two years, the state AG's office found that the companies in question used aggressive and "deceptive sales tactics."

They promised customers cheaper electric bills, but Healey's office countered that in reality, the customers' bills increased by an average of $230 over those two years.

The investigation also revealed that the electric suppliers targeted members of low-income minority neighborhoods in cities such as Worcester, Brockton, Lowell and Middelboro.

Many of the customers in such areas feel that the electric companies took advantage of them. New legislation would eliminate this possibility.

In a statement, Healey explained that her goal is now to pass a law in the legislature that will stop competitive energy suppliers from selling to individual residents.

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