Heavy Traffic as Crowds Leave Cape Cod

A holiday weekend on Cape Cod is a quintessential New England experience.

But there is one big downside to the experience - spending that much time in a car brings out a variety of emotions.

With the Bourne Bridge and the Sagamore Bridge being the only way on or off of the Cape by car, the bottlenecks usually get backed up.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is studying whether a third bridge could ease the congestion. Under that proposal, the Sagamore Bridge would be one-way leaving Cape Cod, and the new bridge would hold traffic heading toward the Cape and would come with a toll.

It has its critics, but no matter how bad the traffic is, tradition usually wins and the same crowds will return every year.

The bridge would be funded with private investments, but MassDOT is still studying whether a third bridge would help traffic. They are also looking into other options.

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