Top Google Searches in Boston During the Storm

Plenty of Bostonians took to Google Thursday to endure the first major snowstorm of the year, a storm that caused massive flooding damage and left thousands without power in the region.

Google compiled a list of the top five searches related to the storm and the top five "how to" searches that popped up in the past day in states along the coast.

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Considering Boston got more than a foot of snow and waters flooded the Seaport District, it’s no surprise the top question in Boston throughout the day was "Where is the snowstorm right now?"

Other top searches included "What to do if power goes out in winter storm?" and "What do you need to have before a snowstorm?" 

Sunshine throughout the morning trying to peek through increasing clouds

The top "how to" question searched in the Boston was "How to prepare for a snowstorm." 

Google also shared top searches from other New England states that wanted to know how to deal with the storm:

New Hampshire: "Where is the winter storm right now?"

Vermont: "When is the snowstorm coming?"

Connecticut: "How much snow is CT getting?"

Maine: "When is the next snowstorm coming?" 

The humidity returned Tuesday night and now, storms return Wednesday. We have a First Alert posted for possible strong to severe thunderstorms Wednesday and night, along with localized flash flooding in heavier downpours through Thursday mid-day. The day starts with many clouds in the morning and some patchy fog. Showers have arrived in western New England and are spreading across from west to east.

Maine and New Hampshire also had the top "how to" search involving how to prepare for a winter storm. 

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