Massachusetts Preparatory School Headmaster Arrested After Allegedly Agreeing to Sex for Fee

CATS Academy headmaster was arrested Monday

Police in Worcester, Massachusetts, have arrested the leader of a prestigious preparatory school in Braintree for allegedly agreeing to engage in sex for a fee.

CATS Academy headmaster Steven Bliss, 46, of Braintree, was arrested Thursday. 

During the investigation, undercover police officers participated in numerous conversations with Bliss during which he offered to engage in sexual conduct for a fee.

"I think this is sickening," said Braintree resident Mark Bennett. "Brand new school for these kids. They don't deserve this."

After various conversations, Bliss agreed to meet the undercover officer on Monday at a McDonald's on Main Street. When he arrived, officers placed him under arrest.

"He left my district abruptly," said Scott Lazo, head of the school committee in Southbridge, where Bliss used to work. "I don't know what happened, I do not have any explanation of him, he just left."

Lazo told necn the arrest confirms that his "read on him was correct."

"I am not surprised," Lazo said. "I've been in government on and off for about 30 years ... and what I am hearing doesn't surprise me at all."

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