High School Football Players Take to Fenway Park

Wednesday was a big night at Fenway Park - a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some of the high school football players and their families.

First up, it was Xaverian taking on St. John's Prep.

In the nightcap, the Catholic Memorial Knights and the Eagles of Boston College High School duked it out at the oldest Major League Baseball park.

The home of the Red Sox is the site of four high school football matchups this week, with proud moms everywhere.

"I am just trembling right now, it's so exciting," said Cindy Reilly, whose son plays for BC High. "For the seniors, and my son is a senior, it's their last game of the season, and possibly their career, if they don't go on to play in college."

Security is a concern where large crowds are gathering - sporting events could be considered targets for terrorists, according to the federal government.

"Right now, there's nothing to indicate that people should be fearful," said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. "We've stepped up our visibility."

Still, nothing could lessen the enthusiasm at Wednesday's games - especially when you help lead your team to victory.

"Every time I come back here, I'm going to remember this day, remember how hard we played out here and everything," said Xaverian quarterback Mike Pina.

The excitement not over yet. Two more games scheduled for Thanksgiving Day at the ballpark.

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