Principal Resigns Amid ‘Inappropriate' Conduct Investigation

In a letter to parents, Swampscott Superintendent Pamela Angelakis said she has accepted Edward Rozmiarek’s resignation from the school district

A Massachusetts high school principal has resigned after he was put on administrative leave for alleged "inappropriate" conduct on a school issued computer.

In a letter to parents, Swampscott Superintendent Pamela Angelakis said she has accepted Edward Rozmiarek's resignation from the school district.

Rozmiarek was put on administrative leave earlier in the month amid allegations of inappropriate conduct on school-issued computers.

While it was not immediately known exactly what the principal was doing on those computers, the general feeling among students is frustration that their school leader had to resign at all.

"It's pretty messed up," said senior Shawn Rowe.

Rowe says students respected Rozmiarek.

"He would always have assemblies with us, talk with us, he sang to the whole school one time and that gave me a lot of trust toward him," Rowe said.

Now, Rowe says that trust in the principal is lost.

"It's terrible," Rowe said. "It's absolutely terrible."

"I'm very disappointed, it's disheartening," Swampscott senior Christian Flynn said.

In a letter sent home to parents Wednesday, Superintendent Pamela Angelico wrote, in part, "Mr. Rozmiarek had engaged in conduct that I deemed inappropriate through his school issued computers...None of the allegations to this point ever involved any Swampscott students or any other Swampscott School District employees or officials."

"It's hard enough raising teens today and you want them to have role models so it's upsetting the high school principal obviously wasn't," said Swampscott parent Barbara Yasi.

Parents tell necn they don't feel their kids were ever in any danger.

Students say they're looking forward to a new chapter.

"I hope we get cool new principal that won't make mistakes like that," Rowe said.

Because there have not been any charges filed in this case, the Essex County District Attorney will not confirm or deny whether they're part of this investigation.

Angelakis added that none of the allegations point to any students or staff in the Swampscott school district.

For legal reasons, Angelakis said the district cannot discuss any further details about Rozmiarek's administrative leave.

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