Hover Board Sparks, Causes House Fire

The Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Fire Department is investigating a fire that took place Monday night at 32 Monmounth Road.

The department reported that an 11-year-old was riding a hover board when it sparked and nearly exploded under his feet. 

Owen Rega was riding his hover board as he normally did, but started to smell smoke and hear odd noises.

"I don't know how to explain it," Rega said, "It just started smoking so i obviously got off and then maybe a couple seconds later it just burst inot flames."

The fire damage was contained to the rug, hover board, and wall. The family says the entire home is filled with soot and they will have to hire a cleanup crew to get the house back to normal.  However, no one, including the family dog, was injured in the fire.

Owen Rega is the second person in Massachusetts to have his hover board catch fire.  However, because this issue is happening across the country, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has created a list of standards.

Chief Gary Ryan said, "The State Fire Marshall's Office tells me not one hover board meets that standard."

Chief Ryan also had a few reminders for people, noting, "If you have a hover board, please us it ouside, please use a helmet."

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