‘King Tide’ Causes Some Minor Flooding

At Long Wharf in Boston, the King Tide hit at 11:08 a.m.

Some coastal communities in New England are experiencing a rise in water from a high tide Tuesday, and it's partially due to Monday night's historic supermoon. 

At Long Wharf in Boston, the King Tide hit at 11:08 a.m. This will be the highest tide of the year. 

Massachusetts State Police say Morrissey Boulevard was closed between Freeport Street and UMass due to tidal flooding. Inbound lanes are now open and one lane is open outbound.

King Tides, or unusually high tides, happen every year, once or twice, and are an indicator of what normal tides could look like in the future due to the rising sea level, according to scientists. The super high tides happen after a full moon, like the super moon we saw Monday night. 

In Portland, Maine, the higher tide flooded some streets Monday. 

Business owners at Boston Harbor say if the infrastructure along the water isn't adjusted, here will be some serious problems. 

Ellen Watts said, "In the future we are quite certain there will be regular water days just as there are regular snow days." 

A captain with Boston Harbor Cruises has told necn that the company has had to change their infrastructure because of the tides. 

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